Based out of London, insurtech Wrisk provides a platform for insurers to create and distribute dynamic products that their customers want. Wrisk works by using advanced data science and actuarial techniques to provide consumers with a unique Wrisk Score, which functions as a credit score for personal risk. This approach allows for a more transparent and personalized approach to insurance pricing.

Wrisk works with its partners to provide an insurance service that reflects the unique needs of each customer. The platform works through a monthly subscription model where users can purchase and manage flexible motor insurance policies. Eventually, Wrisk is planning to expand to include buildings and motor, travel, health and business insurance policies to its platform.

Wrisk is collaborating with insurers like Allianz Automotive and is known as being the sole car insurance provider for BMW’s financial services arm in the UK. RAC recently took a big stake in Wrisk after successfully working with the company for some time.

RAC insurance and financial services managing director Mark Godfrey said, “Our initial innovative work with Wrisk was so encouraging we decided to take a stake in the company. We are convinced there is a significant section of the motor insurance market that only drives lower than average miles every year who are not well served by the way standard car insurance is priced and who could benefit from a product that is set up specifically to cater for their needs that can be taken out quickly and is simple to cancel should it no longer be required.”

Wrisk’s product is underwritten by Munich Re.

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