Sometimes, it’s all about the little things that you can change in order to make a big difference. Untangl is a UK-based startup that’s tackling one of the most tedious back-end tasks in insurance: manual data manipulation. 

Untangl is responsible for Untangler, a product that automatically and intelligently formats any data that its fed to a user’s specific needs and specifications. Many insurance experts and employees spend hours formatting the thousands of data files they’re constantly receiving into one standard format. With Untangler automates this process by allowing users can select their preferred data format and the AI-based program automatically organizes and converts inbound data files into this preferred format.

Untangler is capable of integrating into a user’s existing system or can be accessed via an online platform. Some of the functions it can perform include:

  • Identifies relevant blocks of data and data types
  • Ingests most tabular file formats, e.g. spreadsheets, PDF data tables, etc.
  • Automatically fixes input errors
  • Formats data to required specification and Deletes superfluous data
  • Summarises data set information and provides analyses

By removing the manual, time-consuming job of manipulating data sources into one organized, succinct format, Untangler frees up insurance professionals’ time for more meaningful work, like data analysis and strategic planning. Co-founders Richard Stewart and Steve Carter originally built Untangler for their own startup, Untangl, before recognizing its potential in the broader insurance industry.

“Admittedly, we built Untangler as an afterthought because it improved the customer journey and sped up our buying process. It was only later, when a leading UK insurer asked us if they could use it that its true value as a standalone product became clear,” explains CEO Richard Stewart.

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