Travel insurance. It’s one of those things everyone knows is a good idea. What if you need emergency medical attention? What if there’s a natural disaster or violence breaks out? One way or the other, you want to know you’re covered when you’re abroad. But between the fine print exclusions, like the bullet point on page 17 stating a weather related cancellation doesn’t apply to hurricanes, and tight deadlines to mail in a claim, some people may think it’s so complicated that it’s easier to go without.

Pluto Insurance wants to change that.

Aimed at folks who “don’t like insurance,” looking at you millennials, Pluto is a completely virtual travel insurance company creating personalized travel insurance policies. Everything is explained clearly and succinctly, detailing exactly what you’re covered for under your plan, as well as what you’re not.

“We’ve spoken to hundreds of millennials and three things keep coming up,” says Pluto co-founder and CEO Alex Rainey. “Travel insurance is too complicated and it’s hard to know what you’re actually buying. Secondly, a lot of younger people don’t think they need it. But most importantly, there is a distinct lack of trust towards insurers, and it’s easy to see why. With exclusions buried in the fine print and insurers expecting people to print out a claim form and post it in.”

You can customize your policy however you want, including gadgets, lost luggage, cancellations, certain activities, and travel disruption. You can select an individual policy or opt for annual coverage if you’re going to be traveling frequently throughout the year. You can get a quick quote in about 60 seconds or get more personal in roughly three minutes. One way or the other, you know exactly what you’re insured for and how to file a claim as soon as something happens.

In addition to simplifying travel insurance, Pluto is partnered with the U.K. based charity Travel Foundation and donates £1 for every policy it sells. The money goes towards reducing the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities.

As far as the insurance itself, Pluto is partnered with Zurich, which paid 99 percent of claims in the U.K. in 2017, and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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