Technology today gives us the opportunity to secure our home and possessions in a sophisticated way, and now there’s insurance to match that.

Hippo Insurance launched in 2015 and offers automatic and modern home insurance coverage for its customers that covers the home and everything valuable in it - 4x the amount of coverage customers can typically expect. CEO Assaf Wand says the company was founded to solve the issue of underinsurance in the homeowners market in the US.

“When you look at home insurance, you see that 60% of U.S. homeowners are under-insured, many believe they have coverage that isn’t actually in their policies and the majority spend too much time and money purchasing the product, due to outdated commissioned agents and various hidden fees,” he explains.

Offering a quote in just 60 seconds, Hippo’s online platform sets customers up with home insurance that’s more affordable than your typical policy. It also works to be proactive, rather than reactive, by assisting customers with the installation of smart home technologies that can help secure their homes.

Hippo prides itself on its customer service, which is available through the same online platform whenever customers need to report an issue or file a claim. The company’s 24/7 claims concierge provides support, walks customers through the process, advocates on behalf of the customer with carriers, and arranges accommodations in the event of an emergency.

“Hippo is about people first and claims second,” says Wand. “Our policyholders will speak to humans who will be as helpful and compassionate as the best service reps out there.”

Hippo is partnered with numerous, A-rated insurers and reinsurers across the 15+ states it operates in to ensure customers can always rely on their policies.

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