U.K. based life insurance company Dead Happy wants to encourage people to think and talk about death (and life insurance) differently. The company offers “deathwishes” to its customers, which can range from giving someone a lifetime season pass, donating to charity, or arranging for funeral payments.

While you have the flexibility to personalize your own deathwish, Dead Happy offers a wide range of suggestions and ideas to start you off. They’re sorted into categories like Responsible, Financial, Personal, Thoughtful, and Adventurous.

“Death is never going to be the top of anyone’s list of favorite pub conversations, but we hope to at least make it a more approachable, less daunting conversation to have,” said Phil Zeidler, DeadHappy co-founder.

The Dead Happy life insurance plan is different from a traditional life insurance policy in a number of ways. In addition to the deathwishes, the company’s policies are entirely digital and are priced based on your current, not projected, health. Its 5 and 10 year policies are pay as you go, so customers have the option to cancel their policy at the end of every month without penalty.

Dead Happy is partnered with a number of established industry players, including Covea Insurance, Gen Re, and Octopus Ventures. Octopus Ventures has this to say about Dead Happy: “They believe that one of the key barriers to planning for death is that insurance policies are hopelessly complex and not built with the customer in mind. Their mission is to develop a range of death related products that are simple to understand, easy to use, purchasable online, great value, and communicated in a tone of voice which is relevant to their customers and not full of jargon.”
So far, nearly 24,000 deathwishes are created, including £2.8million pledged to charity. The company’s goal is to issue one million deathwishes, so if you’ve got one in mind, go check them out.

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