Thank you to everyone who attended our first Insurtech Chicago event last night and made it such a successful debut! As our first insurtech event hosted outside of NYC, we’re thrilled by the response from the community in Chicago and are looking forward to holding many more in the future.

The event hosted around 40 members of the Chicago insurance and insurtech community, including a good mix of carriers, venture capitalists, and insurtech start-ups, for an evening of speaker presentations and networking. Montoux and American Family Ventures were excited to welcome speakers Kyle Nakatsuji from Clearcover and Kin’s Sean Harper to share their experiences and success stories at their respective insurtech companies.

Kyle shared some great insights about Clearcover’s growth, including how they've managed to create both a set of compelling products and company in only three years. He spoke a lot about reducing the cost base of providing car insurance and how they’ve built a lot of their own tech in order to do so. He also shared a lot of great book recommendations.

Sean, like Kyle, is passionate about the Chicago insurtech community. Although they don't get as much hype as Lemonade, Kin is active in a number of states providing homeowners insurance - especially in catastrophe prone areas. Sean spoke about hiring great people and building their growing team of both industry veterans and professionals from outside the industry.

“I loved the way he spoke about the customer experience, especially the specific demographic that buys their cover the most - which is people around the age of 50,” says Montoux’s Geoff Keast. “That surprised the audience and as well as Sean once they started noticing the trend in their consumer demographics.”

It was a great first insurtech event in the region, and we’re looking forward to the next! Incase you missed out on this one, be sure to register for updates on the next event. Looking for more news from the insurtech industry? Subscribe to the bi-weekly Insurtech Channel newsletter here.

See you next time!

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