Sink or Swim: Riding the Wave of Innovative Disruption in Insurance

October 4, 2019



Montoux and Deloitte invite you to our next Shifting Gears breakfast seminar in Sydney. For this session we are exploring how big players in life insurance are using innovation to tackle current industry challenges both globally and in Australia.

Attendance of this seminar is free, but tickets are limited - please ensure you register now so you don't miss out.

Please note: This session is only for professionals in life insurance, with roles related to pricing, product development, retention or something related. It is not open to vendors.

Breakfast and registration opens at 7:30am, sessions starts at 8:00am sharp.


Are our products sinking us? How innovative disruption can help the industry swim to the surface

Vanessa Dobson, Head of Research and Development, Munich Re, Australia

About the session

In this session, Vanessa will look at innovative disruption with respect to product design and development. Life insurance has typically been slow to adapt to disruptive trends and as a consequence customer-focused products have struggled to make it to the surface.We know there are challenges with some current products that are yet to be solved by the industry. There is an ever increasing need for the industry to reinvent itself to deliver innovative products for current and future generations. This session will cover:

  • An overview of why disruption is a catalyst for innovation
  • The need for a product ‘circuit-breaker’
  • The re-construction of a disability income products

About the speaker

A member of the Life Leadership Team for Munich Re Australasia, Vanessa leads the Research & Development team to deliver strategic innovations aligned to holistic risk management. With extensive experience in the life insurance sector, Vanessa’s specialties are optimising portfolio-level risk management via digital transformation, strategic partnerships, insights, analytics technology and creative leadership. Vanessa is also a member of Insurtech Australia’s Leadership Team

VC’s love the insurtech wave, but what value are insurers really gaining?

Geoff Keast, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Montoux

About the session

In this session, Geoff will provide a global perspective on some of the key challenges currently facing the life insurance sector and what is being done to solve them. Having collaborated alongside some of the biggest players in life insurance in the USA, APAC, UK markets, Geoff will provide valuable insights on growing insurtech solutions at a global scale. This session will cover:

  • The biggest challenges global insurers are facing
  • Practical examples of how collaboration between incumbents and insurtechs can work
  • The value of partnership to fix the big problems

About the speaker

Geoff Keast is the Co-CEO of Montoux, a global insurtech company pioneering pricing transformation in the life insurance industry. He has extensive experience in growth and business development, with a background in helping large financial companies use technology to transform the way they do business. He's especially passionate about the future of analytics, and tech that creates fantastic customer outcomes. Before joining Montoux, Geoff spent time in growth and leadership roles within fintech companies Fiserv in the UK and ABnote in the US.

Tales from the Valley: insights and learnings from visiting Silicon Valley

Kelly Smith, Head of Innovation Australia and New Zealand, AIA Australia

About the Session

In this session, Kelly will share her insights from her recent ‘behind the scenes tour’ of Silicon Valley where she was lucky enough to visit the likes of Uber, FaceBook, Google, Plutora, Tesla and many more. This session will cover:

  • An insider perspective of Silicon Valley
  • Kelly’s key takeaway 'golden nuggets' from her trip
  • Some of the latest on-trend words and terms from the Valley
  • Myth busting on preconceived perceptions in the tech sector
  • Insights on the key challenge of building trust as a leader

About the speaker

Kelly Smith is a Senior Executive leader with a track record of leading strategic innovation and change through a humanistic leadership approach. This unique leadership style is derived from her core values of integrity, trust, empowerment and courage. With over 20 years experience, Kelly’s experience as a dynamic change executive has seen her work span across superannuation and investment products, customer service, operations, product management, custody, finance and project/program management.

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