InsiderTech New York

June 13, 2019



InsurTech has transformed into one of the most attractive areas for innovators and (re)insurers.

The initial hype brought over 1,500 startups into the (re)insurance market. Incumbents are now actively collaborating with InsurTech ventures, making new investments and inspiring other traditional (re)insurers to do the same.

Now, the InsurTech market enters a new phase in its life cycle, one less propelled by excitement and more by results - the idea turned into proof of concept now is expected to deliver operational solutions.

At The Insurance Insider, we want to help our readers parse the avalanche of information coming from the InsurTech space. Which companies are just hype, and which could reshape the (re)insurance industry?

The next developments will be crucial. With this in mind, we invite you to InsiderTech New York, to try to further untangle this complex arena together. We're bringing together people from all sides of the equation, so let's talk.

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