Global Insurance Accelerator : InsurTech Week

October 14, 2019


Des Moines

InsurTech Week is an opportunity for the insurance industry to participate in a number of innovation activities with the Global Insurance Accelerator. The activities include innovation presentations, co-working, networking, education and match-making for pilots and capital. The GIA's investors select a group of early/growth-stage companies to highlight the week. These selected companies take advantage of promotional, co-working and networking opportunities as well as subsidized hotel costs.

InsurTech Week differs from the traditional GIA Accelerator Program in that there is no equity exchange and long-term no residency requirement, making participation possible for entrepreneurs at every stage.

InsurTech Week is open to the public. The activities are designed to connect professionals with innovative companies through one-on-one meetings, presentations and networking activities.

Past InsurTech Week participants can be reviewed here.

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