Asia InsurTech Summit 2019

April 3, 2019



InsurTech has developed rapidly in the last few years. Since the emergence of digital labs in 2015, the industry has gone on to witness a revamped insurance landscape, shaped by the birth of startup innovations and digital insurers among others. Today, regulatory sandboxes and pilot projects are the norm.

Insurers can no longer afford to work exclusively with traditional partners in today’s digital economy; they must seek other avenues – such as e-commerce and the sharing economy – and adapt to the new reality.

But with change come new opportunities, and leveraging technology is the key to taking on the challenges in the brave new insurance world. Insurers must find ways to embed themselves in the digital ecosystem or risk being left out. So join us as we bring you insights on the latest InsurTech happenings in the fourth installment of the Asia InsurTech Summit!

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