2020 Life Insurance Conference

April 20, 2020


Salt Lake City

So much is said these days about enhancing the customer experience, “delighting” customers and delivering customer service that goes “above and beyond.” For large enterprises, particularly in the insurance industry, this focus on customer experience is fast becoming a key competitive differentiator.

It’s no longer feasible for insurance companies to flirt with the idea of customer centricity. Changing customer expectations are pushing for more personalized services, redefining value propositions and driving technological advancements. Empowered customers have upset the very nature of the insurance industry and are willing to shift loyalties to find what they want.

Customer expectations will increasingly focus on the service experience and a customizable service package. Customers are no longer satisfied with just having an insurance product; needs arise after the product has been bought and customers will increasingly emphasize the benefits they gain from their insurance solution. This change is already very clearly visible in how customers do business with us: they want a full-service package that is available at any time, any place.

In this kind of competition, the winner will be the service provider that is able to not only exceed customer expectations, but to demonstrate clearly to the customers the benefits they gain and, overall, to manage the flow of information available to its clientele as a whole.

Attend the 2020 Life Insurance Conference to network with your peers and leading industry experts as we look at the key trends that will shape our future and help us exceed expectations as an industry.

This premier conference offers more than 30 workshops on topics including product innovation, distribution, markets, technology, administration and regulation. This is your opportunity to join the crucial dialogue.

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