Why the insurtech channel?

The intersection of life insurance and technology

Welcome to the Insurtech Channel, a new information source and community which aims to bring together individuals and companies interested in how technology is transforming the insurance industry.

The Insurtech Channel works to share news and insights, generate and collate educational content, and plan industry events to bring together insurance professionals and innovators.

This platform is managed by Montoux to serve a need we saw within our own community. While the industry has been abuzz with insurtech conversation and speculation for quite some time now, we believe the key segment of life insurance has been largely overlooked in these discussions.

Plenty of publications include a sweeping overview of life insurance, but the Insurtech Channel will get into the nitty-gritty of the technology and advancements that primarily affect life insurance and its unique opportunities. Life insurance is on the cusp of a fundamental shift as new tech solutions become essential in transforming the industry as we know it, and we want to be at the front of the conversation.

While life insurance may be our particular focus, we'll be featuring content on exciting developments from across the broader insurtech and insurance industry. We're here to spark big and small conversations on how tech is transforming insurance, and we invite you to participate. Our content is from a US perspective, though we are excited by the prospect of sharing resources with people from all geographies and welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested in becoming a contributor to this community.


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